Mar 19, 2019


Government of Karnataka is proud to launch a comprehensive platform - Pratibimba, a reflection of the growth story and progressive development of our state. Rooted in the principles of transparent, accountable and inclusive governance, Pratibimba will reflect the breadth and depth of the work of all our government departments across Flagship Programmes, Key Programmes and Projects in Karnataka.

Pratibimba is a web based Dashboard available in 2 languages (Kannada and English) showcasing Government’s performance and achievements to the citizens of the Country. The Dashboard also gives us a governance tool to report, track, measure and improve our governance as well as performance across various Departments, Programmes, Projects and Promises made.

In order to work towards inclusive governance, Pratibimba will help us think beyond efficiency and increase our effectiveness and progress on our path to induce economic & social growth in the State.

Purpose of Pratibimba

Pratibimba is designed and developed to address a wide range of Objectives:

  • Highlighting our work and achievements to citizens on Flagship Programmes, Key Programmes & Projects across all Departments
  • Being transparent to the citizens we are serving
  • Reporting, measuring and tracking our performance across Key Performance Indicators
  • Analyzing and improving our performance & effectiveness
  • Improving our governance
  • Becoming result oriented

Visibility to Citizens

Pratibimba houses information on the following areas for the citizens:

Flagship Programmes

The Dashboard will showcase Flagship Programmes of the Government of Karnataka. These are:

  • Multiyear development Programmes with large outlays
  • Symbolic of the State’s Development Policy
  • Could be Central / State / joint collaboration
  • Address major State issues or development agendas

Key Programmes

The Dashboard will showcase Key programmes of every Department. These are:

  • Multiyear development Programmes
  • Symbolic of the Department’s Agenda and identified KPIs
  • Could be Central / State / joint collaboration

Key Projects

The Dashboard will showcase Key Projects of every Department. These are:

  • Temporary undertaking to create a unique product or service
  • Has a defined start and end point and specific objectives
  • Can be an independent project or part of a Central / State Programme
  • Could be Central / State / joint collaboration

For every Programme / Project, the Dashboard will showcase the following:

  • Overview of the Programme / Project
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Programme / Project
  • Progress and achievements against the Targets set for Key Performance Indicators for the current and previous years
  • Financial progress against the allocations for the current and previous years
  • Adherence to timelines set for the Programme / Project

Enablement of effective Governance

Pratibimba also has certain modules which are only available to the internal users of the Government and will enable effective and robust Governance

  • Budget

Listing of Budget Paras for the current and last three years across all Departments with the actions taken and details of Physical and Financial targets if any. This helps Departments and The Secretariat of Government of Karnataka keep a tab on progress being made for promises made in the Budget speech each year.

  • Election Manifesto

Listing of Election Manifesto Promises made by the Government with current status and details of actions taken. This helps Departments and The Secretariat of Government of Karnataka keep a tab on progress being made for promises made in 2013 and enable quick action for delays if any.

  • Issue Register

Gives the Officers a platform to raise, track and resolve issues pertaining to any Flagship Programmes, Key Programmes or Key Projects. The Issue register will showcase all issues with status so that quick resolution can provisioned by the concerned Department / official in a timely manner.

Interpreting Information on Pratibimba

Pratibimba showcases performance of Flagship Programmes, Key Programmes and Key Projects across the Departments of GoK.

Performance Parameters

Performance of Programmes and Projects is calculated across three key parameters and progress is also shown via Meter Graphs. Following describes these parameters, how performance across each of these parameter is calculated and how should Meter Graphs be interpreted:

  1. Physical Progress: Every Programme and Project has Key Performance Indicators for which the Department sets Targets for the year. For e.g. No of Beneficiaries, Kms of Roads constructed, No of works completed etc. The performance of the Programme / Project on all KPIs is assessed by the achievements made against the Targets set. For instance, if the Target was to complete 100 works and 40 have been completed, the progress is 40%. One of these KPIs is also chosen as a primary or core KPI for the Programme / Project. The Meter graph for Physical Progress shows the Progress Percentage of the Programme / Project against that Core KPI.
  1. Financial Progress: Financial Progress for a Programme / Project is calculated by the percentage utilization of the Budget allocated. For instance, if the Programme was allocated 100 Crores and the funds utilized are 10 Crores then the Financial Progress will be 10% and the same will be reflected on the Meter Graph.


The meter graphs for Physical and Financial Progress is also updated basis the selection on YTD or PTD:


  • YTD (Year to Date): On selecting YTD, the meter graphs shows the progress percentage by year. The year can be chosen by clicking on the ‘Financial Year’ tab, though the default will be current year.
  • PTD (Progress to Date): On selecting PTD, the meter graphs shows the progress percentage from the start of the Programme / Project till date.


  1. Adherence to Timelines: Every Programme / Project has a Physical Target to be completed in a defined timeframe. This parameter assess whether with the current rate of Physical progress, the programme / project is on time and if not, what is the predicted delay in percentage.


Star Rating

The Dashboard will eventually also give a Star Rating from 1-5 to the Programmes and Projects on the basis of performance across above parameters. Department Star Rating will be calculated as a weighted average of all Programmes and Projects Star Rating for the Departments.


Data Updates Indicator

The Dashboard also tracks whether the information for Programmes, Projects and henceforth Departments is updated in a timely manner. The Departments are expected to update the Progress entry for Physical and Financial targets for all Programmes and Projects on a monthly basis. The Data Update Indicator which is a square icon on every Programme, Project and Department tile indicates the status of the Data updates for the respective Programme / Project / Department. Green indicates 100% progress entry till the latest time period, Amber indicates partial progress entry, and Red indicates no progress entry.

Pratibimba in Phase II

Phase II of Pratibimba will be launched in a few months and will evolve to also include many other aspects like the following:

  • District Performance across Departments, Programmes & Projects
  • Integrated solution to bring in all systems and applications of various Departments on a single platform
  • Feedback mechanism for citizens to reach out to the Government of Karnataka and share their opinions / suggestions which directly come to The Secretariat of Government of Karnataka for action